The Lamp Is Low

I really miss being able to leave the apartment and just walk over to the nearest park, grab a cafe and bottle of water and just kick it.


"It was lunchtime at Wagstaff.  Touching butts had been banned by the horrible Headmaster Frond.  Suddenly, Tina Belcher appeared in the doorway. She knew what she had to do.  She grabbed jimmy’s butt, and changed the world"

-Tina’s erotic friend-fiction from the episode “Bad Tina” (S2E8)

(If you guys request it, I will make gifs of the rest of the sequence.)

NYPD take the life of another person of color

Father of six children, Eric Garner, was harassed and arrested for breaking up a fight even after witnesses confirmed his lack of involvement in the dispute.

This shit cannot continue. You’re damned if you do and you’re damned if you don’t. Pretty soon people are going to be put in the position to just say “fuck it” and do whatever they want. I promise you the outcome will not be favorable if you’re an oppressor. You keep pushing and PUSHING we’re eventually going to push back and the oppressed greatly outnumber the oppressors. Watch your backs.


Lawrence Halprin, fuente Ira Keller, Portland

(via architectura)